Friday, 22 March 2013


من عاشق اينم كه هرسال سر عيد بعد از مامان فري با تو حرف ميزنم، سال پيش واقعا عالي بود ولي رابطه ي من و تو عجيب شد، ولي سال كه نو ميشه دلامون صاف ميشه، زنگ ميزنيم مث هميشه،
سال نو مبارك ايكس ايكس

No matter what we do or where we go, no matter what we go through we're always there for each other, knowing that we are both the only childs we understand oir lives,, its a new year and i forgave u and ur the same old u,
At the end of the day after 14 years, ure not my friend anymore, ure family eshgh :*

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